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Welcome to York River Concrete. I have been making lawn ornaments since 2003 and started with just a few moulds. Because I was doing the pouring outside I could only work when the weather was good. As the same with any business, it was all just trial and error. Since I just loved what I was doing, my husband and I decided to buy out a business that was for sale. We started out with about 450 moulds and now we have roughly 1000. Please feel free to give me a call or email me.

bear carvingI have been using a chainsaw for years, but only to do firewood or cut down trees. A couple of years ago I got bored in the winter and wanted to do something different. I have always liked to use power tools so I took a couple of lessons doing Old Man Faces (Wind Spirits).

I only used the chainsaw for a portion of the faces. I really wanted to see what I could carve with a chainsaw from start to finish.

I had a few people wondering if I could carve a bear. After consulting with a friend who is an excellent carver I decided to see what I could do with the chainsaw. I was amazed at what I did with the first bear when it was completed and have been carving every chance that I can get since then.

There are many sizes and wood varieties so please view our WOOD CARVINGS GALLERY or call for a price.
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